Current Uniform + August Update

Hi guys, welcome back! I really enjoyed sharing my life updates last month all in one place here on the blog, so I thought I’d do it again for August. I’m finding it’s a great way for me to look back on everything I’ve accomplished in a month’s time, even if nobody reads it LOL. So, I’ll start again this month with what I’m wearing.

Current Uniform – Graphic Tees

Last month, I shared my new love for asymmetrical tops! I did end up adding a few of those to my wardrobe thanks to Express rewards stacked with sale coupons. I’ve been wearing them to work and on date nights, but my everyday style this month has been super casual.

In August, I really hopped on the band tee/graphic tee bandwagon. I can’t believe how many compliments I’m getting on simple t-shirts but hey, they are cute and comfy so I’ll take it. My favorite way to wear them is either with some distressed denim or a fun leather skirt. I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers pairing them with animal print skirts and I really like that idea too!

Rolling Stones Tee (AE, Size Down)MTV Tee (Target – Men’s Section)
Iron Maiden Tee (Amazon)

Everyone has been loving these 3 tees on Instagram and in real-life, and they are all right around $20 or under! So a pretty affordable trend to try out if this is your style 🙂

Everything Else in August

What I’m Eating: Where to Start? LOL You all know I’m a big foodie so I feel like there is always so much to discuss here. Overall in August, I’ve been eating a lot of seafood. Mostly because it’s so hot here in South Florida and eating heavy food in the heat is pretty much the worst!

Last night I made some really delicious lemon garlic butter shrimp and stirred in a bunch of spinach at the end. We ate it over basmati rice cooked in chicken broth and you would not believe how much extra flavor that adds to the rice as opposed to cooking in plain water. We’ve been trying to save money, so we haven’t been eating out a lot, but two of my other favorite dishes from the month were shrimp salads from local restaurants!

Greek Salad with Shrimp from Woody’s River Roo in Ellenton, FL
Caribbean Chopped Salad – Phillipi Creek Oyster Bar

What I’ve been up to: In August, we celebrated PJ’s 34th birthday! True to his character, he asked for a low-key birthday. So we ended up just going to a nearby hibachi restaurant to celebrate. Our friends surprised him with a super cool Sour Patch Kids birthday cake (his favorite candy) from a new local baker, and I got him the MVMT watch that he has been wanting FOREVER! All in all, he said he really enjoyed his day.

I also had a lip filler procedure done this month with Dr. Francesca Walters! I’m loving my results, to find out more about that, check out my last blog post here.

What I’m dreading: Last month I told you guys I was losing one of my jobs. I’ve decided to pick up more serving shifts at my golf course job while I look for my real dream job. I had thought I was done with serving many years ago, but in the meantime, I need to be bringing in money so it is what it is. I can make it work for now!

What I’m working on: My anxiety has been really bad lately. Between job and money stress, eating badly and partying a little too hard, it had started to get out of control. Thankfully I can usually get it in check fairly quickly by changing up my habits. The problem is staying consistent with those healthy habits. Balance is going to be key for the rest of the year! Wish me luck!

What I’m excited about: I’m excited we are getting closer to the holiday season. Too soon? LOL

What I’m reading: Last month I finished two books, What You Did and November 9. What You Did was my free Amazon first book and was a very entertaining thriller. Maybe not one of my all-time favorites per se, but it started out with a bang to get my attention, and then I cruised right through it. I really enjoyed the twist at the end too. Overall, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

November 9 is an ongoing love story about 2 people that meet for the first time on November 9th. They make plans to meet only every November 9th for the next 5 years. This was written by Colleen Hoover, the author of the book Verity, which is one of my favorite thrillers ever, so I was excited to check out something else by her. This one focuses much more on the love story but it still has lots of nice twists and turns that helped me stay engaged. I really enjoyed this one a lot, I’d give it 5 out of 5 stars!

What I’m listening to: Going along with the fact that my anxiety has been high, I’ve been listening to really calm, chill music. Mostly Jack Johnson, Adele, Nat King Cole type of artists. Anything that’s not too loud or intense.

What I’m looking forward to next month: Last month I started thrifting! I haven’t done it a lot yet but I’m looking forward to making it a habit going forward. The best thing I found so far was a pair of Levi shorts for $5! They’ve quickly become my go-to shorts. As I gain more experience with thrifting I’d love to share some tips and tricks with you all.

I’ll stop there! If you’ve made it this far congrats LOL That ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to a great September and hopefully staying consistent with my blogs for the rest of the year. As always, I have included a few affiliate links so if you make a purchase I do make a small commission from them.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you back here soon!


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  1. Aw, I’m sorry your anxiety is kicking into gear right now! I know what you mean about the struggle of maintaining good habits. Totally agree with you on both books! I thought November 9 was going to be kind of a standard love story until BOOM. You’re looking fab in your band tees. They are definitely a hot trend right now!

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