Sarasota Food Recap – August 2018

If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I love to eat! I had a few new Sarasota Food experiences over the last month, so I figured I’d share for anyone looking to check out somewhere new to them as well! There were some definite hits, with the expected misses along the way. Check it out…

Puccini’s Birthday Dinner 

Sarasota Food

For my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, it was recommended we try out Puccini’s! A little hole in the wall restaurant with 10 tables, where the chef cooks in front of you the dining room. It was truly a unique and fun experience that we thoroughly enjoyed.  There is a small handwritten menu, as well as a handful of daily specials. We started with a delicious baked mushroom and cheese appetizer, and for our entrees, we had the veal Puccini and shrimp & Pompano. Definitely make a reservation! FYI the restaurant is CASH ONLY and BYOB.



State Street Brunch

I’ve eaten at State Street several times for dinner in the past, but recently I had been hearing how awesome their brunch was! So, when I decided to meet another blogger, Aurora, for a meal we ended up here! Let me tell you, this was one of the best brunches I have ever had. Both of our dishes came from their daily specials menu, mine being a southwest style shrimp benedict, and my companions a curried vegetable and salmon bowl with poached eggs. 12/10 stars! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bonefish “Sips & Sampling”

While I’m a huge proponent of supporting local, I do end up at chain restaurants now and then. Because I’m on Bonefish’s email list, I sometimes get invited to local wine pairing or sampling events. This particular “sips and sampling” event included 2 signature drinks and 4 appetizers to share between my friend Laurie and I. We were able to sample a shrimp Caprese dip, their fried cod sliders, and burger sliders, as well as some crispy fried artichokes. The artichokes were without a doubt my favorite dish of the evening! They were super thinly breaded, fried crispy and then tossed with capers, parmesan, and garlic. I’m hoping these make it to their permanent menu for sure.

Spice Station Networking Lunch

I recently connected with another local food blogger, Nori of letseatsrq and she invited me to lunch at Spice Station, a new Thai restaurant in the Rosemary district. While I don’t often share negative restaurant reviews, this is a place I don’t really see myself returning to. We waited about 20 minutes from the time we arrived until anyone even acknowledged us at the host stand (They were packed). By the time we were seated, we waited another 15 minutes just to get some water. When the food finally arrived it was nothing special. I ordered the teriyaki salmon bento box and everything about it was forgettable, the salmon was dry, the spring roll was super greasy, sushi was blah. The company was excellent, but If I want Thai Sarasota food I will be sticking with Thai Star and Sushi, or I’ve also heard Isan Thai is a great local spot as well.

Top Golf Weekend Outing – (Not Sarasota Food)

Because my boyfriend’s birthday was on a Wednesday, we couldn’t do much on his actual birthday except go to dinner. He had been wanting to go back to Top Golf in Tampa so that is where we ended up the following Saturday. I know this isn’t technically a Sarasota location, but ever since Top Golf opened a few years ago, I had heard how great the food there was. While the whole day was super fun hanging out with friends and hitting some golf balls, I have to say I wasn’t really impressed with the food. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad at all, I had just heard such great things about it, I had really high hopes. I was expecting elevated bar food, and what we got was really just bar food. Nothing really special or exciting but good enough to finish. I think the hummus was the best thing I ate there!

So that’s it for my Sarasota Food August recap. I haven’t done a post quite like this one before and I’m curious if you’d be interested in more big round-ups like this, or if you’d prefer separate more in-depth reviews for each restaurant like I did with this review of Baker + Wife! Let your girl know! And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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