A Weekend in Sarasota – Saturday Activities

Welcome to part 2 of my recap of my “Weekend in Sarasota” Collective Tampa Instagram takeover! Friday night we stayed busy, so we got off to a bit of a late start on Saturday. That day, my boyfriend PJ and I had hoped to visit one of our local beaches to show them off to our Tampa friends, but the sun just didn’t want to make an appearance or cooperate with us! Thankfully it wasn’t a rainy day, just very cloudy, so we hopped in the Jeep and decided just to go wherever the wind carried us.

Weekend in Sarasota First Stop: Fire Tacos Food Truck

The Fire Tacos food truck is something PJ and I drive by just about every day. It’s parked in the same exact spot 6 days a week, and we had always heard awesome things about. For some reason though, we never actually visited it until Saturday. We pulled up and asked the woman at the register what her favorite item was and we ended up with 4 carne asada flour soft tacos. I think we know now why they are called Fire Tacos, their food is clearly the bomb! The tacos had seasoned shredded beef with cilantro and onion and a side of sauteed onion and limes. They also came with two freshly made hot sauces, a red spicy sauce, and a milder green sauce.

While they weren’t the prettiest tacos I’ve ever eaten, they were some of the best, most authentic I’ve ever had. Fire Tacos doesn’t have a website or any social media but they can be found in front of the Inflation Station at 886 S Packinghouse Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232, Monday thru Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday 10am-5pm. If you’re in the area, check them out!

weekend in sarasotaOur next stop was the homemade Amish ice cream spot, Big Olaf. As I mentioned in my post for Collective Tampa, Sarasota actually has a large Amish community that is well known for their local from-scratch foods. Locals know that a visit to any of the Amish Ice Cream shops is a good representation of a typical weekend in Sarasota. We stopped in and I picked out the blueberry cheesecake flavor in a waffle cone and PJ selected the garbage can flavor in a cup. My cone was heavenly and delicious with large cheesecake chunks and blueberry swirls throughout. PJ’s ice cream, which he let me try, had a cookies and cream base, with just about every assortment of chocolate candy and candy bars you could think of. Perfect for him because I call him my garbage disposal, he will eat almost anything and everything.

weekend in SarasotaAfter our cruise around town, we decided to go home and freshen up for our evening. I had been wanting to check out the rooftop bar of the Westin for awhile now, and we finally decided to do it. A word to the wise, this is not a cheap outing! Valet is $10 for your drop-off and $10 for your pick-up. For one martini and one soda, it was $20. So an overall price tag of over $40 for about an hour of time spent there. However, the view is AMAZING! It’s probably the best view of downtown Sarasota you could have. For us, it’s definitely a spot for special occasions, but I would love to go back one night and watch the sunset.

weekend in sarasotaAfter the Westin, we ended up at our local California Pizza Kitchen. One of our favorite fast-casual go-to restaurants here in Sarasota. I had never eaten at a CPK until the one across from the University Town Center mall opened last year and ever since my first trip I’ve been hooked. We probably visit every few weeks. Some of my favorite dishes there are the buffalo cauliflower, the roasted garlic chicken pizza, and the lettuce wraps. That night I tried the chicken egg rolls for the first time and they were excellent. I have to say that I’ve never been disappointed in anything I’ve ordered there. They even have a ribeye on their menu that is fancy steakhouse quality! I was very impressed when PJ gave me a bite of his the first time he ordered it. It may not be a mom and pop shop, but sometimes you just want to get what you’re craving!

So after a very eventful Friday night and Saturday, we decided to have a super chill and relaxing Easter Sunday. Stay tuned for my next post on what we did on my “Weekend in Sarasota” Tampa Collective takeover day 3!



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  1. You just wrote a post about two of my most favorite things in the world–tacos and ice cream, haha. What a dream! And I was just thinking about California Pizza Kitchen on my drive home from work today too.

  2. Oh man, that rooftop bar looks amazing but yikes to the prices! That does seem typical for rooftop and/or hotel bars though…which is why I rarely go to them! LOL. But I agree they’re great for special occasions. Loved reading your CPK favorites! We have a couple of those here (duh!) and sometimes stop in there so it might be nice to try something besides pizza next time!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

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