A Friday Night in Sarasota

Friday night in Sarasota

Over the last weekend, I had the opportunity to take over the Collective Tampa Instagram page and let our neighbors to the north get a sneak peek behind a day in the life of a Sarasota resident. While I’ll admit, there are a few things we did just for the “gram” my boyfriend PJ and I actually ended up having a great, albeit exhausting, weekend showcasing our town. I thought I would go into a little more detail for anyone who may be interested in spending a weekend in Sarasota, so here is a little outline of everything we did. I realized the entire weekend would be too much to fit into one post so I broke it down one day at a time, so a Friday night in Sarasota is up first!

Friday Night in Sarasota

PJ recently discovered a super classy barbershop called Modern Gents, which also has a bar in it. It was time for his monthly haircut so I tagged along for a glass of wine. The customer service from both the barbers and the bartender was top notch. I’d highly recommend you pay them a visit if you need a trim next time you’re in town!

Our next stop was another spot we visited for the first time recently, Maduro Cigar Bar. PJ is a big fan of smoking cigars and Maduro has become our new Friday night “unwinding” location. They’ve got 100’s of choices when it comes to cigars, as well as a large selection of beers and wines (Tip: their wine pours are VERY generous). Most of the cigars Pj has chosen are very affordable, but they have choices in just about every price point too. We chose to sit outside because it was less smokey and the temperature is great around sunset this time of year! If you need a place to relax and have some good conversation about your week with friends or loved ones, I’d recommend Maduro! 

Oak & Stone

From the cigar bar, we moved across the street to Oak & Stone, a part of the Tableseide Restaurant Group, which has a handful of other restaurant concepts throughout Sarasota. Oak & Stone describe themselves as having an “elevated tavern menu that is guaranteed to make everyone in your group of friends and family hungry, from the story starters to artisan house pizzas to main plates and more.” Beer drinkers can access the self-serve beer wall with 56 taps including Sours and Ciders, IPAS and Stouts, and everything in between! While I’m not a big beer drinker, I’ve noticed that the “beer wall” is rarely ever empty.

For my meal, I tried the BLT pizza for the first time! It was described on the menu as a pizza with roasted garlic sauce, crispy bacon, grape tomatoes, arugula, cheddar, sunny egg, and lemon aioli. The crust and bacon were crispy and the runny egg yolk and aioli made it feel indulgent. PJ ordered the buffalo chicken bowl with grilled buffalo chicken, wood-fired mushrooms, celery, crushed avocado, crumbled bleu cheese atop a bed of quinoa. We both really enjoyed our meals and I think these were our favorite items we’ve ever had here. I’m excited to go back soon!

After dinner, we decided to head home from the restaurant since we’d already accomplished quite a lot for one night. Knowing we would have a busy weekend showcasing our favorite things in town had us ready for an early bedtime! So that is what we did on our Friday night in Sarasota. Look out for the next two days adventures coming soon!

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  1. Britt, I was just in Sarasota last month with my boyfriend and his baseball team! They go back every year for spring training so I’ll have to bookmark this and check out these places out next year. The pizza at Oak & Stone looks SO good. Thank you for the great recommendations!

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