3 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Photos

3 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Photos

If you’re like me, you’re all about aesthetics, and a great Instagram photo can really up your game, and increase your follower count and exposure. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a fancy camera or a photo shoot with a professional photographer when we’re just getting started on Instagram. Below are a few ways you will be able to improve your Instagram photos with just your camera phone and a few cheap tools!

Find Good Lighting

In my opinion, natural outdoor light is going to be the best option for taking photos. But, as “Instafoodies” know, just about all restaurants keep their lights very dim during dinnertime. This doesn’t make for high-quality food photos. In my experience, the iPhone flash is usually way too bright and ends up washing out a photo. My new best friend for food pics is the phone ring light! Most people use it for selfies, but I’ve found it to be a great asset for helping brighten up my foodie feed in dark locations. It has 3 different light settings so you can customize how much extra light you need, and the light is much softer than the iPhone flashlight. This tool is also great if you want to talk to your followers in your Instagram story in dark light!

Get a Tripod for Your Phone

If you’re a fashion blogger and don’t have anyone around to take pictures for you, the only way to get a full outfit photo is usually to take a mirror selfie. While mirror selfies are great, I really wanted to add some diversity of locations to my posts. Enter the iPhone tripod! I figured they must make something like that and I found one on Amazon that even comes with a Bluetooth remote so you don’t have to set the shutter timer. While the one I got is a little flimsy, and it isn’t super tall, it serves the purposes I need it to for the $17 price tag! It’s great too if you and a friend or boyfriend want to take some pictures together before going out and there is no one around! I’m very happy with this purchase.

Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone

While there is the capability to edit your photos on your phone already and on Instagram, I find those editing features to be somewhat limited. 2 of my favorite apps for editing are the Lightroom app and the original Facetune app.

The Lightroom App is free to download and offers in-app purchases. I’ve never had to buy anything in the app though! I like to use the presets in the app to play around with the lighting in my pictures. Even with all the tools professional photographers have, they have to adjust their lighting too!

While the Facetune app is a bit controversial, I do like to use the smoothing features to even out my skin tone and whiten my teeth! I don’t do anything crazy to my face or body, but those capabilities are in the app if that’s your cup of tea. The original Facetune is $3.99 in the app store and it gives full access to all of its tools.

These are my favorite ways to improve your Instagram photos, and they have worked well for me since I am on a budget. Until I can get a fancy camera I’ll keep using these.

Do you have any tips on how to improve photos taken on your phone? If so, drop your tips in the comments 🙂

Xoxo – Britt






**This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase one of these products I get a small kickback from Amazon. The opinions in this post are strictly my own, as I bought these products, and after testing them I would highly recommend them!***

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