The Beach House Restaurant on Bradenton Beach

The Beach House Restaurant

Last weekend the weather was so beautiful! My boyfriend and I knew we needed to take the Jeep out with the top off and cruise around. We didn’t know where that cruising would take us, but we ended up in Bradenton at the Beach House Restaurant. Having grown up in Bradenton, it was a spot I would visit once or twice a year. Since moving to Sarasota 5 years ago, I hadn’t been back.

Early last year, the Beach House was remodeled. It was taken from a worn down, beachy, tiki bar vibe, to a much more clean, modern and inviting setting. Seating is available inside, on the deck, and also directly on the beach. We opted for the covered deck because I was wearing all black and didn’t want to bake in the sun.

The Beach House Restaurant
Yeast Rolls with Honey Butter

They have a pretty basic lunch menu, with a few additional lunch specials. The waiter took our drink order and returned with some yeast rolls with honey butter. They were delicious, soft and hot! We placed our order and for how busy it was, it came out surprisingly fast. Probably within 10 minutes!

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Blackened Salmon

There were so many salads on the menu that sounded yummy it was hard to choose, but I finally settled on the heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and blackened salmon. It was light, fresh and delicious. I rarely eat an entire meal when we go out, but even my boyfriend commented on how much of it I ate. It’s definitely something I would order again.

California Burger with Fries

My boyfriend was going to go for the fish and chips platter but at the last minute, he switched to the California burger special with Havarti cheese and avocado. He really loved the fries and I can attest they were excellent, with a crispy exterior and a soft center. He said the burger was good, not great. There was nothing bad about it, it was just overall unremarkable and pretty bland. Maybe that’s what you get from a burger at a seafood joint?

Overall, the view makes up for the bland burger. It’s an excellent spot to go for a sunset dinner and it’s steps from the water! Definitely romantic. I would recommend stopping in if you’re in the area and also visiting another one of my favorite local spots the Big Cat Habitat!

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