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Quick update guys,

You may have noticed the blog has a little bit of a different look going on. I made the move to self-hosting so that I can add some new features to the site. With that came a new theme, but I’ve still got all the same content you’ve come to love from me <3

I thought today I’d do a little recap on my first week of February and what some of my favorite things so far have been.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things: A Novel


I downloaded this book via kindle at the recommendation of my friend and blogger role-model, Gina, of the onthedailyexpress blog. She is always posting book reviews on her blog and also lets her followers know when her favorites go on sale in her IG stories. If you’re always looking for the next new great book you should definitely give her a follow! But now about the book –

This is a book that grabbed my attention really early on, which is really the only way I can ever finish a book. I think I read it in a day. Without giving too much detail, this book is about a young girl with a scary and horrible family life, and a man with a sketchy past who befriends her. It stretches over the course of years and shows the strange ways their lives intertwine. I honestly really liked it, but I’m going to quote another Amazon reviewers post because it is spot on. They said “Some people will be disgusted with this story. Some may not even finish the book. Some added this to their list of Top Reads. No matter what, this book is guaranteed to make you feel all kinds of ugly and wonderful things.” So do with that what you will. I like reading controversial books, so I gave it 5 stars!

 Imagine Foods Culinary Simmer Sauce – Thai Coconut Curry


Earlier in the week, I talked about a pouch of Thai Curry Simmer Sauce I had bought when I was trying out a vegan diet. Well, I never ended up using it until now. To keep it vegan you could obviously sub in some veggies and/or tofu and I believe it would be just as good. It did not have a very strong curry flavor, the strongest flavor that I got from it was actually Cilantro.

It was great right out of the package but I always need to add extra ingredients to store bought sauces, so I added some extra garlic, some cayenne, and some fresh parsley and cilantro. Then I tossed in some shredded chicken and threw it on top of some basmati rice and I was done. I thought it was really good and my boyfriend seriously loved it. He said he wished there was double the amount of it. When he heated up the leftovers at work the next day, he also said all his co-workers wanted to find out what this sauce was that smelled so good! It’s definitely something I would buy again for an easy weeknight meal.

Lightened-Up Dorito Casserole with Organic Doritos


For the Super Bowl, I wanted to make something indulgent, but not something that was going to make me feel absolutely disgusting after eating it. I’ve had a Dorito casserole recipe saved to my Pinterest board for years now that I’ve been wanting to make, so I pulled it up and tried to think of some ways I could lighten it up, while not making it taste like diet food.

I knew I had to keep the Doritos element of course, so I went with Doritos Simply Organic White Cheddar Chips because they have a very similar flavor and calorie count, but are MSG and GMO free. I figure if I can’t eliminate calories I’d try and eliminate artificial additives.

I also am now a believer in Pacific Organic Soups cream soups. Campbell’s creamy soups just gross me out, and I don’t always have the energy to make a cream soup from scratch every time a recipe requires a can full of it. I found the Pacific soups at Publix on sale one day, so I grabbed a few boxes. I’ve used them several times now in casseroles and they are not only organic, but about 200 calories less per package than Campbells.

Pretty often lately, I’ve been subbing either fat free or low fat greek yogurt in place of sour cream and that saved another 400 calories in this casserole. You still get the tang and creaminess without all the calories.

The last swap I made was chicken for beef. Not that we don’t like beef, it’s just that sometimes ground beef can be really greasy. Since I decided to keep ALL THE CHEESE in the recipe, we went with Chicken.

The final result? Well, two hungry men almost devoured the entire tray so I think it was a hit. One thing we would change would be to add a good amount of hot sauce to the chicken mixture since we like things spicy. Also as too be expected, the doritos kind of turned to mush in the casserole, so it had more of a tamale like texture. The flavor was still really good, but next time I will add the top layer of Doritos after it comes out of the oven so there is still a crunchy element.

Well that’s about it for the week! We’ve got some big things coming up with Valentine’s Day and My 30th Birthday! I may have to do a part two for this post. I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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  1. This was a fun post! And thanks for the kind words – you are too sweet!! I’m glad you liked All the Ugly and Wonderful things, and that review really is spot on! I didn’t even correlate the title to my own feelings but that’s the truth. It was an emotionally confusing book but that was kind of what kept me hooked! Glad your Doritos casserole turned out! It sounds like the perfect Super Bowl dish. And hey, when is your birthday? It has to be pretty soon to be on the Aquarius side of February. 🙂
    Gina || On the Daily Express

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