Adidas Sparkle Sneakers

Due to the overwhelming response I got to posting about these shoes in my Instagram story I wanted to give you guys the link to them 🙂 If I ever somehow get to 10k IG followers I’ll be able to share links directly in my story but for now I’ve got to stick to blogs!

Since we are in a VERY small town in Ohio for my boyfriend’s family’s Christmas festivities, there’s not much to do around here. So yesterday I asked him to take me to the nearest mall to at least get us out of the house. This mall was not like a Florida mall LOL it was the most small town mall I’ve ever been to.

My boyfriend always likes to look at tennis shoes when we go to the mall and I usually sit and wait for him, but yesterday I decided to actually take a look in the women’s section. I wandered over and saw these awesome sparkly adidas shoes and I had to have them! I’ve never seen another pair of shoes like them and they’re awesome! Black with gold sparkly fabric woven in. They do run a bit big so I’d suggest sizing down at least a 1/2 size. Here’s the link to them at Finish Line where I got them and they are only $59.99 today! I paid $90! You know you want them!

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