My “Size 4 Philosophy”

I’m a huge proponent of living in moderation, or living consciously or living mindfully. Whatever you really want to call it, I’m all about balance. Balance is different for everyone, but for me, it’s when being healthy and also enjoying myself in life are in harmony. Everyone’s happy weight and happy place is going to be different too. For me, I feel comfortable at a size 2/4, but I try not to pay too much attention to clothing size or the number on the scale. I care more about how my clothes fit and how I physically feel overall.

While some areas of my life are more balanced than others (let’s forget about my online shopping problem for the moment) I seem to actually do a pretty good job of keeping a balanced diet. There are 2 reasons behind that. One reason is I actually really enjoy many fruits and vegetables and typical “health foods”. The other reason is, I don’t want to gain any weight! Although I know sometimes the way I eat may not be fitness-junkie or nutritionist-approved, these tips work for me when it comes to feeling satisfied with my food and therefore my health and body composition. If you’re interested – the following are some tips on my “Size 4 Philosophy”

I Skip Breakfast

I’m not a big fan of healthy breakfast food. There I said it. My idea of a delicious breakfast is usually something unhealthy like a plate full of bacon, cheesy eggs, a giant bagel with cream cheese, loaded hash browns, you get the idea. It won’t kill me once in awhile to eat a breakfast like that and I definitely indulge in a self-proclaimed “fat-kid” breakfast now and then, but for the most part, my breakfast tastes don’t line up with my daily diet plan. Yogurt and oatmeal and power bars and smoothies aren’t awful, but I literally could care less about them, and would rather save my calories for things I really enjoy.  My breakfast is usually a cup or 2 of black coffee with some almond milk and Stevia. I know skipping breakfast goes against everything dieticians tell you to do, but I listen to my body and I’m really not usually hungry first thing in the morning anyway. If I am, I’ll do a piece of Ezekial toast with a little bit of peanut butter or something really light on a workday.

I Make Trade-Offs

I don’t follow any specific diet plan. What I am conscious of though, is calories. I’ve tried eliminating entire food groups as part of several fad diets out there and it just doesn’t work for me physically or mentally. I recently tried the Keto diet, and the lack of carbs had me feeling exhausted and unsatisfied and just flat out grumpy. After that, I decided to be more aware of moderation in what I eat. I don’t count calories very often, but I do stay aware of calorie dense foods in my diet. For instance, if I’m craving pasta, I’ll try to add a ton of vegetables to it and maybe a bit of cheese but skip something high in fat like hamburger meat. That way I’m getting what I’m craving but also filling up on veggies. Or some days if I want the meat and cheese, I’ll use veggies instead of pasta as my base. If I want ranch dressing with my salad, I’ll skip the cheese and croutons. You get the idea. For me, I like to choose one element of a meal that I won’t compromise on. Then I will make modifications to the rest of the recipe to make it healthier.

I Pack a Lunch Every Weekday

I only get a 30-minute lunch break at work. This is fine with me since it allows me to get home earlier at night, what it doesn’t allow me time to do, is go out to eat. Just about every single day, I pack a lunch. This really limits the types of foods I have access to during the day. Between 8 1/2 hours at work and a total of about an hour and a half of a commute per weekday, I control what I eat. There are days, maybe once a month, that I will call out for delivery, or I’ll stop for a bagel on the way to work, but otherwise, I try to only bring healthy snacks and lunch food into the office. If it’s not in the office, I won’t be able to eat it. Healthy things I like to keep around are almonds, skinny-pop, rice cakes or frozen fruit.

I Cut Dinners Out in Half

Most people who know about my blog, have no doubt checked out my Instagram feed. I love fat kid food as much as anyone out there. What I don’t love is the way it makes me feel when I eat a ton of it. Being overly full, to me, is one of the worst feelings in the world. There’s not much you can do about it except to wait to feel better once you’ve reached that point. So, for several reasons, I try to keep my portions moderate. I most definitely don’t eat like a bird, but again, I’m conscious of the calorie dense food I’m eating and make sure I stop before I feel gross. When I’m having a night out and going for a full-fledged “cheat meal” 9 times out of 10 I will only eat half and take the rest Home.

As it gets closer to the New Year, and many people resolving to lose weight, I think these are some great tips to get you started on a healthier lifestyle change. I have a bunch more tips too, but I’ll save that for another day. BTW, I’m currently not working out at all lol. So my size 4 maintenance is all about diet.

Also, if you’re in the mood for some delicious soup with the cold weather we’re having, check out this copycat version of Carrabba’s spicy Sicilian chicken soup. It’s my meal prep for the week and it’s healthy and tasty ❤️. Have a great week guys!

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