My Experience with Juvederm Ultra Lip Injections


Okay guys, I thought it would be cool to share with you my first ever experience with Juvederm Ultra lip injections! I actually had some cheek filler done too, but that was really simple and subtle so I will touch a little bit on that, but the lips are what I’m focusing on. I have never had any cosmetic procedures or fillers done before so I’m a newbie to this whole world. Maybe it’s not something everyone talks about, but I wish I would have had a little more insight into how the process worked before I actually went in for the procedure. So for that reason, I am going to share my unbiased opinion with you!

The Day of The Procedure

So I actually decided on a whim I was going to do this. I had been wanting fuller lips for a long time and finally got up the nerve to do it and bit the bullet. Everyone that knows me, knows I hate doctors offices and needles, but the glowing online reviews for this place really put me at ease. The med-spa I went to is a well-known one here in Sarasota, called the Laser Lounge. I saw online they take walk-ins at the spa, so I decided to just head over there and see if I could get a consult for Juvederm Ultra lip injections. The moment I walked in the receptionist was super sweet and welcoming. The entire spa is very high class and the reception and waiting areas were spotless! She had me fill out a few quick consent forms on a computer near the front of the office, and then I was immediately ready to meet with the PA, Jeff.

The Consult

As I had indicated on the forms that I filled out, I was interested in achieving fuller lips. I also asked Jeff if there was anything else he would recommend for me at this time. I mentioned that I feel as I’ve gotten older, my jawline isn’t as defined as it used to be. Jeff said he thought it looked great. He said he thought I had a youthful looking face and the only other thing he would really consider doing would be a small cheek filler. He could do both procedures the same day so he set aside some time for me to come back in a few hours.

The Procedure

When I arrived back at the spa for the procedure I felt nervous and excited. The nervousness came from not knowing what to expect as far as the pain level. I had full confidence in Jeff and was at ease that the procedure was going to turn out exactly how I’d hoped. Jeff explained he was going to use a topical numbing cream on my cheeks and then shoot Lidocaine into my lips and gums to numb my mouth. The Lidocaine shots were a bit painful, I’m not going to lie. My mouth numbed up pretty quickly like it does when you’re getting Novocaine shots at the dentist. From there he started injecting the Juvederm Ultra into my top lip, then the bottom. It honestly felt like I was getting stung by like 20 bees LOL. Maybe I’m being a baby. Pain is beauty though, right? He then split one syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC between both of my cheeks and everything was done in about a total of 20 minutes. I asked if there were any rules on anything I should/shouldn’t do following the procedure, and Jeff said the only thing he suggests is not working out for 24 hours. No problem there! He did say Ice was going to be my friend over the next few days and how right he was!

The Aftermath

Immediately after my Juvederm Ultra Lip Injections, my lips were a little swollen and minimally bruised. I iced them down for awhile and took some ibuprofen to help with the swelling. The bad swelling didn’t really start until the next morning. I woke up the next day with a lot of bruising and I pretty much looked like Will Smith in the movie Hitch when he’s having an allergic reaction to shellfish! My lips looked and felt like balloons! Thankfully more ice and ibuprofen helped with the swelling and by the next day most of the swelling had gone down.

This is what my lips looked like the morning after the procedure


This photo is from right before the procedure and the second picture is from yesterday, so 5 days following the injections


The Verdict

I am honestly super happy with my Juvederm Ultra lip injections result! I have heard it takes about two full weeks for all the swelling and bruising to completely go away so I think I’m right on track for that. I still have some minimal bruising but nothing that lipstick won’t cover.

Do you guys have any questions? Feel free to ask 🙂

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  1. WOW. Thanks for sharing! I have low key been interested in these in the past. I don’t think I’d ever go through with them because theyre contrary to my lifestyle as I’m so into wellness but I have thought about it. It was so nice to hear someone’s truthful opinions and experience. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Bobbie! I didn’t think I’d ever do it myself either, but I’m so happy I did. I am conscious about wellness too, but as an esthetician, I also know that lots of skincare products already use hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in fillers, so this is just injecting it under your skin. Not too much different if you’re already using it in your creams. To each their own though! Everyone gets to choose what’s right for them individually 🙂

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