The BEST Spicy Snacks

After my last snack post, I think it’s pretty clear I’m a salty food fanatic. I’m also a spicy food fanatic. I’ve found it’s hard for some companies to get that balance in their food with making something just spicy enough to where it’s still enjoyable without going overboard. I’m giving you the 411 on a few products I’ve found that have a great level of spice that are great for snacking.

Claussen Hot & Spicy Pickles

I’m a HUGE fan of pickles! Only good pickles though, and every true pickle fan knows that the best, crunchiest pickles are the kind in the refrigerator case. I’ve always loved all the plain varieties of Claussen pickles, and one day at Walmart a few years ago I came across the hot and spicy version.  I’ve only ever seen these pickles sold at Walmart, and for awhile I hadn’t seen them and I thought they were discontinued, until a few months ago when I found them again.

These are so good! They have all the crunch and garlic flavor of traditional Claussen pickles, with a nice kick. One thing I do have to say is that over the last few years, I’ve had many jars of these, and the heat level by jar can vary considerably. Some jars were SUPER SUPER hot to where I could only eat one at a time, and others were barely mild. Either way, they didn’t go to waste, some just took longer to eat!

Oberto Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky

The first time I tried the Oberto brand jerky was when my co-worker brought it in to the office for us to try. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Jerky because it’s usually way too dry and it takes an hour to chew one piece. This Oberto brand though, has an awesome texture, so any of the flavors are great. It’s got the chew you want without being too dry and tough. The Spicy Sweet version has a great level of spice/heat, without being overly sweet. The first piece I had actually was super hot. The heat is from crushed red pepper so the more flakes the piece has, the spicier it is. Definitely a great protein filled snack for anyone who likes spicy food.

Tonnino Tuna Fillets with Jalepeno

Shout out to my Grandma for introducing me to the Tonnino brand tuna! If you’ve never had this brand from a glass jar, you may not want to try it because you’ll never want to eat tuna from a can again. This stuff is legit, and the least fishiest tasting tuna I’ve ever had. There are a ton of different flavors like garlic and capers, lemon pepper – just check their website. Locally the plain tuna from their brand is sold at Publix, with more of the flavors sold at Fresh Market. You can also buy it in bulk online.

The Jalapeno version is awesome! It’s got a great jalapeno flavor, more on the mild side, but the heat is definitely there. I like to put this in my salads and it works well in almost any kind. Because it’s in olive oil, it stays super moist (eww hate that word). You really don’t need any dressing because of that, I usually just add some vinegar to the salad and a bit of salt and pepper. The only downside to this product is it’s $8 a jar. I usually only use one fillet per salad so the jar will make like 3-4 meals for me so that’s how I rationalize the price.

What are your favorite spicy snacks? Share them with me!!! I’m always up for trying new food.

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